Announcements (Assorted)


Martin and I decided to have a discussion about our plans for Season 2 of Chasing Mimi - what we wanted to do differently, what we wanted to keep, and so on. This is that conversation.

me:  So when I asked you if you wanted to do a Voyage of the Mimi podcast last year, I think we both understood this was not a subject we were picking because it was incredibly popular.
martin:  Well at least we hoped secretly it was more popular than it was.
me:  True, but I think we learned how empty that hope was once we started inviting guests who’d never heard of the damn show. And after Affleck big-timed us.
martin:  That was the real tragedy. But a lot’s changed for sure in the almost-year since we started Mimi. It’s only fair we have a little more change.
me:  True! And I think the main idea behind doing this was simple: this was something we both really loved from our childhoods and wanted to revisit.
martin:  Each week it was exciting to go back and get into that mindset. Let’s face it: my memory is shoddy. But talking made me remember anecdotes and stories I had tucked away and hadn’t thought about in years. It was cathartic and magical. There’s something to those things we remember fondly that opens up a box in our brain, right?
me:  I think so. There’s a flip side to that, too - sometimes you go digging through the older crates and find out some of the records you thought you loved actually stiiiink.
martin:  Hey now, Pocket Full of Kryptonite is timeless.
me:  Sure it is, Martin. Sure it is. The point is this: continuing the podcast in its current format has become unsustainable, mostly because there’s only one more season of Voyage of the Mimi and I’m pretty sure it’s a steep dropoff.
martin:  They’re not even looking for whales anymore. The whales are what made Mimi so special and they went away from it in favor of splash and panache. The spirit of Mimi is still here, and we wanted to keep a podcast going, so it was time for a slight alteration.
me:  So: assuming you’re cool with it, let’s open this up. The name stays, the logo stays (because we’re lazy), but from now on, let’s just bring on guests to talk about whatever childhood nonsense they wanna discuss. Boxcar Children? Great. NBA Pencils? Awesome.
martin:  Ghostbusters action figures, Trapper Keepers, Nickelodeon game shows. Yeah I’m fine with this for sure. It’s not like I’m qualified to talk about anything else for an hour-ish a week. What about the song? That was my jam.
me:  Fine, but then I get to talk about Collective Soul. You are going to regret this.
me:  Good lord.
If you’ve got a weird childhood toy/game/piece of media/whatever you’d like us to discuss, or if you’ve got a guest you’d like us to invite on to the show, email Martin and me at [email protected]. We’ll have our first show of Season 2 up before you know it.