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Welcome to the 10th episode of Chasing Mimi. A 10th anniversary of anything is a big deal, and to celebrate Hot Tub and Marty are joined by podcasting hero and ACC buddy James Curle of Riddick and Reynolds. This week is a doozy as we talk alternative fuels, the Ben Affleck North Myrtle Beach Casinoboat Experience, a new ice wine brand and shorts.

Episode 10 - Non-Denominational Ice Wine

Episode 10 of Voyage of the Mimi is right there below the fold and feel free to catch up on any other episodes you might have missed along the way. We’re happy you’ve decided to join us once again, and we’d love to talk on the Twitters or over at [email protected].

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One thought on “Episode 10 – NON-DENOMINATIONAL ICE WINE

  1. I’m new at this self promotion thing and completely forgot to mention the name of my other show. It’s called “Losing Touch”, and can be found on iTunes or at losingtouchpodcast.tumblr.com.

    Thanks again for having me on.

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