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It’s Episode 11 of Chasing Mimi, and we’re still trapped on an island debating the merits of the localvore movement. Thankfully, our guest this week is Andrew Sharp of Grantland (and formerly of SB Nation) fame. We dig deep into important issues like Icebox from Little Giants, responsible composting, Voyage of the Mimi spinoffs, and figs. Join us because this podcast is for you.

Episode 11 - Brooklyn And Memphis Bleek Y’All

Here is the video for Episode 11 of Voyage of the Mimi, America’s most quickly forgotten 80s educational program featuring Ben Affleck. You can find all the previous episodes on iTunes because some people like listening to it that way when they’re at the gym or gardening or driving or walking the dog (not a euphemism). And if you have questions, well don’t be a stranger, email us at [email protected]. Cheers.


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