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Welcome to the penultimate episode of Chasing Mimi, the world’s foremost and only Voyage of the Mimi podcast. We are pleased and #blessed to announce our guests this week are Ohio State graduates and friends of the podcast Luke Zimmerman, who was newly raised in the SB Nation Line of Succession, and Dr. Denny Mayo.

This week’s episode may not give us Red Wedding levels of drama and jaw-dropping action, but the podcast sure does. Climb aboard as we talk about Wooden Boat magazine, poets on a deserted island, and more. This is place you’ll find recruits committing to a school mid-episode, setting yet another first for our fair broadcast.

Episode 12 - Men of Science and Wooden Boats

As always, the episode is below, and if you need anything you can find us on the Twitter machine or [email protected].

And as a special treat, we’re letting you, that’s right, you, the listeners pick the final guest for the first season of Chasing Mimi. Our 11 guests are below, so vote early and vote often, Vote Or Die and so on and so forth, but our winner will be chosen with all the honor bestowed on selfish grandstanding and politicking. Cheers.


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